Get your vehicle serviced for the Fall season at West Broad Hyundai. As the days grow shorter, the weather turns cool, leaves change colors and fall from trees, and your vehicle will inevitably experience changes, as well. You'll need to ensure your vehicle is ready. At our dealership in Richmond, we strive to ensure your vehicle is in top condition to handle the changes that come with the fall season.

Motorists near Midlothian and Chesterfield, VA should take a look at this Fall-Specific Car Maintenance Checklist.

Heating System Check

You may not use your heating system in the summer, but you'll want to use it regularly as the weather turns cooler in Midlothian. The heating system is a big part of a car's overall comfort and dependability, so you'll want to have it inspected by our service department. Our fall heating system inspection will check the high and low-temperature settings, the evaporator pressure, the car's capacity to retain coolant, and many other factors.

Tire Inspection

With cooler weather comes the chance of snow and ice on the roads near Glen Allen, VA. If you've got a set of bald tires, it will be harder to get around safely during these conditions. To be safe, take your vehicle for a tire inspection at West Broad Hyundai in Richmond. We can ensure your tires are safe to drive on all winter long.

Checking the Vehicle's Belts, Hoses, & Fluids for Damage or Wear

Continuous use can cause small tears in your engine belts, hoses, and other components, especially under the hot summer heat. These small tears could lead to worse problems if left ignored until the Fall. At West Broad Hyundai, we can check for any signs of wear or tear on your belts, hoses, and other components so that they can be replaced before they cause more damage. We have most parts on hand, so you don't have to wait for a replacement in Mechanicsville.

Schedule a Servicing Visit for the Fall

Our auto mechanics will be on hand to ensure your vehicle is ready for the Fall. Get your car in for a checkup to ensure it's in proper working condition to drive this Fall season. It's easy to get your vehicle serviced. You can just schedule an appointment online. We're happy to help our customers this Fall.

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