EVs and Hybrids offer greater fuel efficiency than gas-powered engines while delivering a quiet ride. They also pack more instant torque from the electric motors. There are various types of electrified vehicles, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles. West Broad Hyundai has an awesome selection of Hyundai EVs and hybrids that achieve low emissions. Stop by our dealership in Richmond to see what they’re all about.

Hyundai Hybrids

Hybrids use a combination of a gas-powered engine and electric motors for propulsion. The electric motor is usually at work at lower speeds. Plug-in hybrids use the battery as the main power source while the internal combustion engine engages after the battery drains out. Hybrids have smaller batteries than PHEVs and do not offer a long electric driving range. PHEVs can be charged from external mains and achieve longer electric ranges before the internal combustion engine takes over. Glen Allen, VA drivers can choose from a wide array of hybrids and PHEVs at West Broad Hyundai, including:

  • Elantra Hybrid
  • Tucson Plug-in Hybrid
  • Sonata Hybrid
  • Tucson Hybrid
  • Santa Fe Hybrid
  • Santa Fe Plug-in Hybrid

Hyundai hybrid and PHEV models have stunning and aerodynamic designs that help to minimize drag and enhance performance. They also have state-of-the-art tech and driver-assistance features for safer travels in Mechanicsville.


EVs do not have an internal combustion engine and rely purely on electric power from the battery. Hyundai’s lineup of EVs includes models such as the Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6 and Kona Electric. The Ioniq 5 has a revolutionary exterior design and delivers a comfortable ride on paved roads in Chesterfield, VA. It also offers fast acceleration and charging. The Kona Electric is a versatile electric SUV with sharp styling and a rich, tech-heavy cabin. It also has zippy acceleration and an engaging ride.

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West Broad Hyundai is proud to introduce our selection of Hyundai electrified vehicles. We recommend that Midlothian drivers search our inventory online for a model that suits their style. Book a test drive today and experience the electrifying new Hyundai EVs and hybrids firsthand.

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