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Welcome to our customer feedback page!  All the reviews on this page are the reviews from some of our service and sales customers whom visited us and for whom we have an email address.  This is a service provided to us from DriverSide, a third party review company.  You can also find additional reviews on Google and our Facebook page!

Danny Fisher, General Manager
 West Broad Hyundai

Posted by: Rebekah H July 11, 2015

Great except they forgot to put a sticker on my car so I don't know when to return for an oil change!!
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Posted by: Jason P June 12, 2015

Great service, as always.
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Posted by: Linda M June 06, 2015

Excellent service!
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Posted by: Gerald D June 02, 2015

All was very great. Give Mike a raise.
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Posted by: Maisha O June 02, 2015

It was really easy. The representatives were really nice and took care of the customer.
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Posted by: Michael M June 02, 2015

great visit
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Posted by: Wendy R May 29, 2015

Outstanding attention given as soon as I walked in by the Service Manager. I am handicap and she offered to go get my car bc I did not pull into the service lane. My plan was to only get prices for service but bc of her immediate response and kindness, I waited and received my inspection then. I bought the car from Pearson; however, bc of my interaction with her, I will take my business back to West Broad Hydundai!
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Posted by: Kevin K May 28, 2015

Fantastic! I bought the car here over 6 years ago and I always bring my car back for service because of Jimmy the BEST Service Manager EVER! His smile and warmth is a great way to start your day. The work is always done right and on time. I highly recommend them.
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Posted by: Sandra E May 27, 2015

Excellent service and staff
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Posted by: Catherine G May 26, 2015

Everything was satisfactory.
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